Saturday, January 08, 2005

This movie looks incredible:

I will write about it after I see it :)

Is chocolate a vegetable? From the blog listed below:

Quality :)

Listing some wacky ridiculous shit on eBay.

Give me some of your best ideas on what to list on eBay. Once this topic gets 50 solid comments we will have a contest to determine the top 5. A team of myself and the winning 5 will then work together to put the item together and then make an eBay listing.

Does the excitement ever cease?

Anyone out there like Curb Your Enthusiasm but...

Really hate Seinfeld?

I do :)

I would like to discuss why you would like Seinfeld over Larry David.

Im Vaclempt.

The best online game I have come across.

It is called Couronne. I cannot explain it beyond saying it is like Nok-Hockey/Pool. the site is amazing, the games are all amazing. BADASS!

If you want a free week email me and I will hook you up. My screen name on the site (they have a chat functionality like AOL IM) is "WebDesigner"

Check it out:


If you haven't already donated - DO IT NOW!

Fuckin' Poker!

I won $42.50 last night.

I spent $7.90 on that chinese food that I threw out.

I made $34.60 playing poker last night!

Cool :)

Friday, January 07, 2005

The WORST fuckin' chinese food in NY State!

The place is called TASTY GARDEN. I just spent $7.90 to get a Sesame Chicken combination plate. These motherfuckers charged me an extra $1.00 to get white meat and wanted even still, another $1.00 extra to get WONTON EGG DROP SOUP instead of just the WONTON or just the EGG DROP soup. To get the MIX is $1.00 extra. I declined and got just the $1.00 extra for the white meat.

I took it home, peeled open the soup lid and began spooning it into my mouth. Almost gagged! So fuckin' nasty it tasted.

So I threw that fuckin' garbage in the recepticle.

Then I hoped for better luck with the Chicken, white meat n' all. All was disgusting!

I threw out the entire fuckin' dinner. Ordered Italian. It's on the way...

Ever say something in another language, even though you do not know the meaning of what you said?

I just said MITZVAH TORAH to my cousin via email. I think it means good cheer or some shit.



So my fuckin' cousin David is here and we are playing COURONNE.

He just asked me what time everyone is coming to play poker tonight. I said 8:30 and he asked immediately before i could say "thirty" WANNA GET CHINESE."

I thought it was funny. So it's posted here! on my fuckin' BLOG!


Stop giving him fuckin' hemorrhoids!

Just READ and LEARN!


Goddamn fuckin' email is down for my company!

Time for a new hosting partnership!

Good riddance!


Star Trek: The Next Generation (or any other Star Trek variation)

Ever notice how there is always the one unlucky fuckin' guy who beams down with the main characters who dies on the planet's surface?

Riker, Wharf , Jordy and Ensin Fucked!

Fantasy Football BLOG!

Jamey Feuer, popular Internet fantasy sports columnist, is absolutely on the
M-O-N-E-Y with his Basketball and Football assessments. Next up? Fantasy Baseball. Check him out by going to his BLOG right now!

Just had the fuckin' Taco Bell lunch!

My wife wanted to try the meat and potato taco :) It was not as salty as I thought it would taste. I wouldn't recommend it though.

So my fuckin' upstairs neighbors...

Are goddamn maniacs! They are nearing senior citizenship and really losing their marbles. I leave my golf bag downstairs in the hallway. If you were 500 fuckin' pounds you could get through quite easily. However, the bag has suddenly annoyed them after it being there for over 13 months. On our ground floor there is a little hallway area, then a small flight of stairs (about 5), then a landing large enough for a bicycle, then a flight of stairs (about 25) up to our landing. These fuckin' maniacs have been moving my golf bag from the bottom-most hallway to the first landing of the steps!!! Why? Because they are old crabby bastards with nothin' but time on their hands.

My landlord, Vinny (he is the most Italian mob lookin' guy you could imagine) is actually a cool dude. I called him in to see the offending golf bag and he almost lost his fuckin' cookies at how nonsensical the upstairs maniacs were being. He agreed they should be hung from poles by their toes and said I could keep the bag in its place downstairs. I was elated :)

My wife wrote a letter to them maniacs and I posted it on the GOLF BAG.

Here is the letter now:

January 6, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Small,

We just spoke to Vinny this evening and showed him the golf bag in the hallway. He finds NO problem with the situation. In addition, on the very rare occasion that my bicycle is by the door, it is only because I cannot carry it upstairs alone and await my husbands' assistance. Vinny understands this situation as well. So, in light of the support of our mutual landlord, we ask that you please refrain from moving the golf bag and from ringing our bell at 6:45am. If you require further substantiation regarding this matter, feel free to speak to Vinny.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

-Mr. & Mrs. Us (that's us)

Anyone else wish Parker Lewis Can't Lose was on DVD already?

Sign this fuckin' petition to get it released goddamnit!

Thank fuckin' you! 80)

Hours of the same fuckin' programming on TV channels like NICKELODEON

Why in God's name would I want to see 8 hours straight of WINGS?

Granted, the Cosby Show is quality but enough is enough, MIX IT UP A LITTLE PEOPLE!

Jeezus H. Fuckin' Christ!

All these fuckin' advertisements for losing weight with "OUR SPECTACULAR MACHINE"

No fuckin' WAY this nonsense works! It's all a fuckin' scam!

Just imagine losing 47 pounds in 6 days! If you act now you get 2 of these pieces of shit AND this AMAZING bun warmer, but you have to call in the next 1 second :)

My motherfuckin' ASS!

Then they charge ya $27.50 for shipping :)

The bottom line is ya gotta work out and eat decently well. It doesn't matter what machines these bastards invent, you gotta put in the work without the machine motherfuckazzz! Word.

The New York Yankees Signing of Randy Johnson

I fuckin' like it!

They do NOT need fuckin' Carlos Beltran though. Why spend $117,000,000 (million) for someone like this fuckin' guy? He is young, said to have all 5 tools but he lacks the personality/mental strength to play in NY. I say, let the fuckin' Mets take him.

If he proves to be 50+ HR type of guy the Yankees can pay him in a year or 2 @ $20,000,000 (million) per year through a trade sending Ruben Sierra, Scott Proctor and 26 A, AA and AAA prospects from the farm system to the Mets!

Fuck ya!

Yessir! Fuckin' Hot Male Model Fun!


Heres another fucking blog I enjoy:

Go fuckin' look at this shit!

Yeah so i went to fuckin' bowl tonight

And only 1 of my fuckin' teammates showed up. Granted, we are in last place. This is because one of my teammates is going thru some rough times and has been bowling like fuckin' shit. Doesn't he realize bowling is more imprtant then life issues?

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yessir, my blog.

I will explain why it should not be touched at a point in the chef of the future when the hot stick of creamery buddah melts, or in about 2 hours when i get some friggin time.