Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Almost 10,000 hits to my blog. SO I AM BACK INTO IT!

So the bathroom tub is in. We now have lived in Cranford, NJ for 1 week and I must say it is such an amazing place. People are so nice and caring about their area and houses. If anyone seeing this lives near or in NYC and never heard of Cranford, NJ it should be checked out. It is one of the few places left that you can still get a decent size piece of the earth for less then $500,000 near nyc. My wife says she has been getting into NYC in 40 mins door to door. That is rockin!!!!!!

Today we are awaiting the toilet delivery along with the stove, microwave and the vanity for the bathroom. I think that is the last major purchase for awhile. Unless we get the corvette or piano soon!