Saturday, February 12, 2005

Went to a birthday party for my cousin last night in NYC and let me tell you about the FUCKIN' parking situation!

Holy Christ!

I got from my apartment in Brooklyn to 42nd street NYC in about 15 minutes by car, which ROCKED! I was excited...then, it took me 20 minutes to get from 42nd street to 46th st and 6th ave! Then, I got a great spot right across the street from the VIA BRAZIL restaurant (my destination). I got excited again...Then I realized the fucking meter there only takes quarters or golden dollars! I began fumbling through the car crevices and came up with 3 quarters, 18 dimes, 6 nickels and 41 wrappers of some kind. This left me in quite the pickle!

So, I put the 3 quarters into the muni-meter and was fucking AGOG when i saw it got me a whopping 12 minutes of time!

So, I went into POPEYES chicken and they said "NO QUARTERS UNLESS YOU BUY SOMETHING"

So, I stormed out of there very angerly and went next door to Burger King. The dickhead cashier said "No" but i saw the manager sitting at a table so I asked "Freddy" if his fast food establishment could spare a few bucks in quarters and he said "No."

The PRICK!!!!!

So, I went into 3 other places and was starting to panic because I was into the eleventh minute!


So, I went into the VIA BRAZIL restaurant where I explained the situation and they forked over $5 in quarters!

I rushed out to see if I was ticketed yet, and luckily was not.

Put the $5 into the MUNI METER and bought myself about an hour worth of parking time.


I had to go out to the meter 2 other times to feed it.

Goddamn NYC parking!

I guess it is cheaper then a lot for $30 per hour.

I am seriously considering starting another business in which I carry rolls of quarters worth $10 and sell it to people who are fucked on NYC streets trying to park for $20!

A golden dollar would sell for $2.


1 <3 NYC


Thursday, February 10, 2005

I fuckin' hate it when ya walk past a person and ya get their fuckin' stank ass downwind aroma..

This happens pretty much any time ya go outside. I walked past this guy and knew he would be stank so I tried quickly to avoid walking within a 6 foot radius of his didn't fuckin' work!


take a shower!

then there are those who wear the 2-3 gallons of perfume or cologne!

they are just as bad.

we, as citizens should be able to arrests these people.

there should be stank ass holding cells underground in neighborhoods where these people have to suffer for maybe 15 minutes for first offenses!



This boy scout called the right company about popcorn!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So I saw a commercial that blockbuster video is offering a better deal the NetFlix...

So I signed up and now have 58 movies in my queue. I got Ray in the mail yesterday and was all excited to watch it last night. The goddamn numbskulls sent me the BONUS 2nd disc DVD instead of the movie itself! What goddamn numbskulls! Luckily this is free for 2 weeks :)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Who is your favorite? And why?



Monday, February 07, 2005

The THOR episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm was just on. So fuckin' hilarious!

The part where he has to change his own tire is just BADASS funny :)